Flush Fitting Bathroms Ltd. Getting it done.

How will you realise your perfect Bathroom?

It's a big decision looking to replace your bathroom...

"How wide should a toilet area be? 500mm basin or a 600mm? Can my shower tray sit flush on the floor? Can i move things around? Do I want porcelain tiles and what difference do they make? What size tiles and why? Shaver sockets? Could I have lights in the floor? Can I have a thermostatic shower? Do I need a stronger floor? Why do I have to have an extractor fan? What about mood lighting?"

There are many ways to move forward and work answers to these type of questions once you have decided to get it done. We can get involved at various stages of peoples projects. Sometimes it’s right at the beginning – other times we’re shown a detailed drawing, a wrapped pallet with an itemised breakdown, diagram, and instructions….

There’s no real right and wrong way. But the fact is that this is a big expenditure. You want your money spent in the most cost-effective way. Reading this may help you make an informed decision when planning how to efficiently move forward.

Both the fitter and the homeowner should have the same aim; To minimize problems and delay, and keep things running as smooth as possible keeping you happy.

My advice is when you have decided that you want a new bathroom - get fitters in to take a look. Right in the early stages - get some specialist advice. Fitters should offer a free visit and assistance, so use it! Pick their brains, make them work for it! 

Ask the fitter for suggestions and opinions as to what might work before you get your heart set on a layout, product or idea that cannot be realised (either at all, or within a sensible budget) I’ve been to houses where people have gone ahead either on their own, or following bad advice from showrooms or friends and bought shower enclosures that would totally dominate a room and leave tiny spaces to side-step around, or devised a layout that means the door hits the sink when opened! It is also common for showrooms to plan a complete layout based on a lot of assumptions that can cause a headache when work begins… It’s not always an easy and straightforward room to buy for.

To supply or not to supply..........

It is worth considering that if you find a good fitting company – they will be able to assist in the buying of materials and furniture. It should be a substantial financial saving and a lot less problematic all round. This doesn't mean that 'you get what you're given' - the decisions are always yours, it's your bathroom!

A good fitter will know where to shop for what will work. Certainly not just the cheapest places either. As a sole bathroom fitting company we buy upward of 20 bathroom suites a year and so it is in the interest of suppliers(including prestigious showrooms, online distributers, and high street outlets.) to nurture and please the bulk-buyers to keep that business. Discounts, preference, favours, and offers all help to provide the end customer with plentiful options. 

In my opinion, buying for bathrooms week in, week out – there is no ‘One-stop-shop’ that I have found and call into every Monday, or click onto online. We’ve spent years shopping around and buying from suppliers scattered everywhere and it builds a lot of experience. As the main buyer for our supplies, I strive to know where best to buy, what quality to expect, and what price it should be. It helps that I have a passion for my work, am very frugal, and also that I’ve been let down by late suppliers, stung by misleading descriptions, and had to handle damaged or inferior items more often that I like to remember. 

So maybe worth a thought before you get enticed by those online flashing banners ‘Massive sale ends in 2 days, 3 hours and 38 seconds……..’ plan a little patience. There’s no denying there are some good bargains to be had online but it's better to get it right, than save a few pounds and risk regretting your haste. We shop online ourselves from numerous suppliers and the convenience is great but again - experience is paramount. 

So how much will it all cost?

Every bathroom is different. The age of house, style, condition of current pipework, if the layout is to change, working space, distance from the fitters home, general state of walls, ceiling - any obvious problems that jump out all have an influence.

It really is impossible to say, that’s why fitters need to book in and visit. Free and no obligation quotes makes this ok though.

I’ve got no ambition to mislead people with false promises and assurances to get the work. If I think your chimney breast is going to cost you money to secure half way through the strip-out – I’d rather tell you now.

Go with your gut.

People often buy from people, if the firm that visits isn’t very helpful and friendly at this stage – once you are booked in that’s hardly likely to change… make sure they care about your bathroom. Choose someone you like, they're going to be in your home for over a week...

Getting a good specialist involved early helps avoid those fundamental problems that really can turn a dream project into a nightmare. Also it’s no pressure. Pick the brains of a company that fits these every day and while they are off putting together a price and some schemes – you can be window shopping and compiling your own thoughts and ideas. 

Our usual involvement is an initial visit with advice and to determine what stage the customer is at – i.e. when they want it done, what (If anything) they have bought, what else is involved (gas work, carpentry, decoration, building work, electrical, etc.) then another visit to show samples, drescriptions, outline costs, and timeframes. It’s not uncommon to re-visit a house another one or two times to get it right – especially if we are supplying the fittings. 

Hope this helps!