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Just imagine...


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Security, economy, convenience, luxury.


That’s what a smart home is to us.

A smart home is one equipped with connected products. It allows you to control certain features of your home without actually interacting with the objects. For example, if you want the living room warmer and your lamp turned on, say so.

Want to talk to the delivery driver from work? Get your phone out. Want to turn on the shower to a set pattern and temperature at the same time as the coffee machine? Just ask from your bed.

Walk into your ensuite at 2am to an automated warm glow that gives you just enough light, then turns off by itself.

Half an hour from home after a long day? Set the lights, temperature, music and start a bath fill program all from your phone with a single command.

Say “morning” on a weekday and as you’re walking into the heated bathroom as the news/weather/traffic is being relayed followed by your favourite music/radio station through the ceiling speakers, whilst your shower is flashing to confirm it’s ready to walk into, and the lights are in warm mode and building themselves up from 50% every minute.



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It all seems pretty sci-fi and futuristic, and in a way it is. This way of modern-technology-living is moving further and further away from a traditional experience of, ‘doing things normally’ Automating your home doesn’t mean having to have a degree in programming or running reams of cable and carving our huge channels in your plaster.

Every year huge leaps in technology make these systems more and more accessible to not only the elite, but the average homeowner too.

The first time you hear someone cooking that big sunday dinner and calling out for "potato timer" and "meat timer" commands – you’ll crack a smile. Just remember to say from the kitchen "Announce dinner's done" for them to hear it on all the other devices and come running! 



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At Flush Fitting Ltd. we love combining smart home technology into our bathroom passion, and can show you just how achievable we can create that ‘Wow’ experience.

We remember where our passion for smart homes and automation began, and it started small and simple. We learnt the brands and combinations that work and now offer known products in good combinations, to create effective networks.



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Take it seriosley. Exterior motion detection announcements in any room as well as your phones, tablets and P.C.’s to guard around your property and decide what automatic lighting actions and camera views follow your triggers.

Be alerted wherever you are to smoke/carbon monoxide detection and from what room.

There are a range of fantastic security products we supply and fit ranging from additional locks, to perimeter security lighting, wall/floor safes, and most noticeably popular is a fantastic range of smart video doorbell and stand-alone smart cameras by the company Ring.



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Ring works in any home with wi-fi. With a Video Doorbell at your door, and bolt-on Spotlight and Floodlight Cams around the perimeter of your house, you can create a Ring of Security for your entire home or business, and get complete peace of mind for you and your family.

Ring sends multiple users instant alerts to phones, tablets, P.C.'s  when anyone triggers the built-in, customizable motion sensors, or visitors press your Doorbell - so you’ll always be the first to know. Watch, record, listen, talk, with remote floodlights and sirens on the stand-alone cameras.

They are a fantastic, modern, and capable deterrent to protect homes and businesses.

Not only offering the obvious security features, but these products are extremely convenient in everyday life allowing the users to talk with and manage what would normally be missed deliveries/visitors when you are out, or even in the garden!

It is also perfect for easily allowing friends and family to (actually) watch over your property when you are away on trips/holiday etc. Additional cameras for remote properties, or ones shared with you can be viewed alongside yours with ease. 



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At first it’s all a bit weird. It even feels a bit silly and lazy, especially when your parents come to visit and you try to impress them with your star trek gadgets. But underneath the novelty and amusement can be a sophisticated system that becomes a valued part of your home and can be expanded on exponentially.

Take it seriously.


We supply, fit, and demonstrate the full range. Please do get in touch if this is something you'd like to discuss.



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